Aaminah Haq
Pakistani Model and Actress
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Lollywood Model
Beautiful Pakistani model and Actress..
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  Aaminah Haq's Mini Biography
  Aaminah Haq is a Pakistani model and actress. Arguably one the most photogenically beautiful Pakistani models and actresses, she is most famous for her role in the television drama Menhdi, in which she plays one of the four daughters, Alishbah.

She is the daughter of Sherzade Nilofar Haq, commonly know as Sherry Haq, the third wife of the Pakistani politician Malik Ghulam Mustafa Khar Haq has an estranged relationship with her father.


Posted By : poonam r 19/01/2009 13:40:33
very nice collection

Posted By : poonam r 25/11/2008 11:01:26
Beautiful...full of colors

Posted By : darshan singal 30/07/2008 12:12:27
i see her body stcture and her pics are very big like football.

Posted By : pkumar 08/07/2008 18:44:16
very good photos

Posted By : nisha 08/07/2008 17:36:29
Beautiful photo collection....

Posted By : Tushar 27/05/2008 11:48:48
aaminah is really looking lolly........Gr8

Posted By : bhakti 23/05/2008 16:48:36
nice collection



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