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  Dilshad Patel - Model & Actress


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Dilshad Patel
Model & Actress
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  About Dilshad Patel  


Dilshad Patel Filmography :
  Movie Name: Little Zizou
  Cast and Crew : Dilshad Patel, Jahan Bativala, John Abraham, Iyanah Bativala, Tknow Francorsi
  Director : Sooni Taraporevala
  Producer : Vandana Malik, Dinaz Stafford, Sooni Taraporevala
Story : "Little Zizou", a comedy about faith and hope, pain and loss, is framed around a gentle yet powerful parable of tolerance.

Sooni Taraporevala’s directoral debut is a colorful tale set in an eccentric Parsi community in contemporary Bombay. Xerxes (Little Zizou) is an 11-year-old football-crazed boy whose one ardent desire is that his long-dead mother bring the French soccer star Zinedine Zidane (Zizou) to Bombay. His father is a pompous, self-proclaimed leader and religious bigot. His brother Artaxerxes, on the other hand, is a quiet, talented cartoonist hopelessly in love with the daughter of his father's archrival, a fun-loving rational reformer and owner of a community newspaper. Events pit the two patriarchs against each other in the backdrop of a Fellini-esque Parsi world in this uncommonly funny satire.

Posted By : shashank 14/04/2011 21:34:01

Posted By : shashank 14/04/2011 21:31:47
shashank waoo u looks beautiful and so confident good keep it

Posted By : Rajul Sharma 31/05/2010 12:22:39
im Rajul a fashion photographer and need to contact with u for various assignments so gimmi ur number

Posted By : piyu 18/04/2009 10:39:58
gr8 smile

Posted By : Amol Sanke 24/03/2009 14:17:12
Good Pic




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